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Hello again. first of all i want to say i haven’t had a comment yet, so feel free to comment if you think you have something to add.

When i started with c# i thought i wouldn’t need to code in javascript anymore, why? c# was a new language. to easy the programers job. somehow and cause i didn’t knew much about c# i thougt that, i guess for me that would be natural.. Well has you all know that wasn’t true.

 Javascript was a burden, it was so dificult to debug that i used it the less i could, this days javascript is the hype.

It’s easy to be wrong in this industry there’s no way to predict what will happen, i thought javascript wass terrible and it wouldn’t go far. how wrong i was… but still today i have this ideia that we should be able to program javascript with c# as i think we should be able to do sql with c# and xaml with c#. Sql with c# is happening so i started reserching for my old ideia, my webdeveloper utopia, c# to javascript.

Script#. I’m not the only one who things this way. And also we have jsc.

Script# is being brought to life by Nikhil Kothari, who is part of the Microsoft group building Atlas,  you can read it here, just look at the amount of comments it has, wow…

There are many ppl that don’t like the ideia, you really don’t have to like it you know? For me it´s just about productivity.

 This post says it all: (Steve answered for me)


Posted on 5/23/2006 @ 11:00 AM

I am shocked by some of these responses. I don’t want to sound negative, but I am bothered by the negativity I see here in regards to C#.

“C# is like a farm tractor: it’s got bare metal plate for a seat, looks ugly, smells funny, but eventually gets the job done. On the other hand, JS is like a Ferrari: it’s beautiful, elegant, comfortable to work with, and yes, dangerous (potentially lethal) for a novice.”

“So we need to find a way to get the masses who are unable to gain the multi-disciplinary skills to write modern AJAX web apps.”

? why do you assume people who use these tools do not know this. Actually, you don’t know. This statement is unwarranted. ie. I wrote ‘AJAX’ before ‘AJAX’ was a term. I use Atlas today. I understand how Atlas works – I know javascript well. AJAX isn’t really that difficult to understand.

“will no doubt appeal to those individuals who disregard JavaScript and the Browser as “real development tools”. ”
javascript is a scripting language. It has a purpose and serves a purpose. Making tools to help do tasks is a normal thing. That doesn’t mean there is a ‘disregard as a real development tool’. This is not some holy grail here, we make tools to abstract away the rudimentary things we do over and over again repititiously.

“is that we spend less and less time on “real innovation””

My first thought is – you guys need to go back and write assembly language to do your websites. Sorry folks, but innovation for the masses is that we don’t have to recreate the wheel everytime we need to ‘bind data to a grid’. I assume from these posts that you really enjoyed the asp/vbscript model of jangled spaghetti code with td tags and recordset movenext. Or better yet, perhaps create ATL objects to make com objects that output html.   »

Some guys thing they are so better then all the rest… i just want to add one thing to what Steve said. My job is to get a happy client.

Well enough about that you read it and think for yourselfs.

Now for some c# 3.0. Pretty much the same in same people comments about it… here it the link to the enhancements. Most of these enhancements where because of linq. Once again i say to the comments about Extension Methods, you don’t have to use it.

I won’t comment much cause i haven’t read much i’m still geting the picture but i think i like it 😀

Also i searched for linq with mysql, i found dblinq .

It’s all for today now i have to find some time to test those stuff i was telling you about.



  1. I wonder how much things have changed since you wrote this? Do you still feel the same way? On a side note, you mention writing in Atlas/Ajax. I have been bandying the term Ajaj around lately becauase who actually sends xml through javascript anymore anyway?

    Asynchronous Javascript and JSON

    • Well, i guess things must have changed. As you know linq is out there, i must say i have not used it yet cause i do more caml (I develop in MOSS all the time) but people can know abstract sql if they want (not that they have too). For javascript things have changed too there is a big hype around it, and is much easier to use today, it´s easier to debug in ie or firefox, so i can admit i don’t run away from it anymore. The problem is still, like in every web thing, about differences in browsers.But now we have great frameworks that can help a lot. About writing c# to do js i have the same feeling: any tool that can help as be more productive is good. In the end it all depends in what you pretend to do and how complex it is, how much performance you need and choosing the right tool for the job. I would like to say for instance and about ajax that sometimes people use it where they shouldn’t because it’s cool. Google can’t index it so people shouldn’t use it when they want google to see the stuff.
      And about xml or json i guess it’s the same. It depends of your needs. I don’t do much ajax maybe a little thing that gets better in “ajax” then doing a post back and usually i just throw html in my answer. For something small it’s good enough.
      Don’t know if that is the answer you where expecting but it’s what i think.
      Later i’m probably going to read your geo coding post because i might need something like that.
      Thanks for your comment.

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