The complex web

 Web development is becoming more and more complex everyday. It is reaching several different areas and i, well i love to know about all of them, and i think a good web programmer should know about all of them. How can a programmer do a good job if he is totally unware of what surrounds him?

Getting a site out there isn’t really enough for me nowadays and it shouldn’t be enough for anybody.

There are a lot of things to think about.

  • Good developing – Ease of use CMS, performance, functions that help the people that contribute to the site (the editors) and for the users.
  • Good design – Clean, simple and beautifull.
  • Accessability – this is a topic i wish to post about.
  • Usability – Let people find what they need.
  • Architecture – Putting the right info in the right place.
  • Copy – Well written concise texts.
  • SEO
  • Webmarketing – ROI
  • Analytics – How is it all working out.

Did i forgot any?

They all influence each other and i don’t think you can have one without the other.

So i’ve become more interested in all that aspects and have been trying to know more about them.

I find people that tend to know about one of the above areas but they end up failing in the others.  And i don’t mean that you need to know everything about them because you don’t, but you should be aware of what they are. And depending on what you do some are more important then others.